Warning Now Required for Anemia Drugs (Will Diabetes Drugs be Next?)Takeda’s Type - 2 Diabetes Drug Linked to Bone Fractures

As anticipated, yesterday FDA issued labelling requirements for the erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs), used to treat anemia, including (Aranesp) and epoetin alfa (Epogen and Procrit). Could  similar warnings be issued for Type-2 diabetes treatments?  Takeda's pioglitazone-based Actos, a $636-million drug in the U.S alone, has recently been linked to bone fractures in women, and GSK's Type-2 diabetes treatments, based on rosiglitazone, have been connected to similar problems. Manufacturers are warning physicians, but could  FDA eventually step in with labelling requirements? Sales of all these drugs have been increasing dramatically in response to the increase of type 2 Diabetes, a byproduct of the obesity trend. (Or could this problem simply result in an increase in prescriptions for osteoporosis medications for older women taking the diabetes pills?)