A growing number of software systems are transforming all aspects of running a pharma company. Here, we offer insights on the latest in systems including ERP, LIMS, MES, QMS and more.


MES and MOM: Understanding the difference

A look at the difference between MES and MOM and why the two terms are used side by side

Optimizing the digitization of tech transfer and scale-up for Pharma 4.0

Advanced digital thread and technology transfer capabilities can help pharma improve its processes

Closing the supply chain visibility gap

A proactive approach can help pharma realize the promise of end-to-end visibility and control over networks

Value from data: The key to digitization success

Advanced analytics speed time to insight, increasing return on investment

2021 Pharma Innovation Awards

Unveiling this year's winners

Taking quality assurance to new heights

More companies are implementing MES to improve quality at every step – and get products to patients faster

Quality of the future

What every quality leader should look for in a digital platform for pharma manufacturing

Transforming pharma supply chains

How open digital network platforms can help achieve true collective intelligence

Addressing the elephant in the pharma supply chain

The pandemic era is a bad time — yet the perfect time — to talk about strengthening the pharma supply chain

Product Focus: Machine-guided manufacturing

AI and VR solutions that are transforming operations

E-learning: Shifting pharma’s training strategy amid COVID-19

With the advancement in learning technologies, training departments should be poised to continue to support compliance and competency needs in the pharma manufacturing

Applying deep learning AI in toxicologic pathology

The newest developments in digital pathology, specifically the use of deep learning convolutional neural networks for digital image analysis of scanned whole slide images, promise...