Compliance Management

For pharma manufacturers, regulatory compliance is a focal point of company strategy. Pharma manufacturers need to comply with an array of regulations, so enabling a proper compliance management strategy will help build quality and security into the product lifecycle from the start. Here you will find broad coverage related to the tools and strategies needed to maintain compliance.



Getting drug quality right the first time

CAPA remains an integral element of cost-effective quality management in pharma

Juggling the regulatory complexities of global clinical trials

Deploying an automated process can help simplify safety and compliance information

Maintaining compliance beyond the pandemic

Investing in employee readiness will be crucial to present and future success

The time for quality content standards is now

Adopting a standardized approach to content management can transform quality operations

A better pH measurement approach

How purpose-built sensors can help overcome biopharma single-use challenges

E-learning: Shifting pharma’s training strategy amid COVID-19

With the advancement in learning technologies, training departments should be poised to continue to support compliance and competency needs in the pharma manufacturing

The higher they fly: Managing pharma’s COVID-19 reputation risk

The response to the COVID-19 crisis is casting a bright reputational halo over the entire industry. But if you’re going to fly close to the sun, you’d better be sure your wings...

Making the shift

Moving from a compliance-based paradigm to a true quality-based culture

Targeting clean water with new technology

Pharma can overcome quality challenges by using synergistic techniques to optimize water management

Reputation maintenance

Pharma can protect its brand reputation and longevity with proactive and well-executed asset maintenance strategies

Dispelling the myth of seamless tech transfer in pharma

It's not always as simple as it's made out to be — but Cambrex has a solution

The recall effect

How the blood pressure debacle is rippling through the industry