Facility Design & Management

Pharma facilities need to be designed with a focus on compliance, containment, efficiency, safety and functionality. Our coverage offers information about designing, building and upgrading pharma facilities.


Mitigating bioaerosol risks in pharma plants

Amid limited guidance from regulators, facility designers can deliver significant safety advantages by tackling risks at the source

How universal design can deliver facilities of the future

To adapt to the dynamic marketplace and to meet shifting manufacturing needs, new facilities need to provide a high degree of flexibility
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Technology trends in pharma facility design and engineering

How new technology is helping pharma companies to reduce costs, fully optimize resources and streamline operations
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Engineering angles: Embracing BIM in pharma plant design

It’s time for the industry to overcome hesitations and utilize 3D technology
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Engineering Angles: It’s time for pharma to embrace PPMOF

Prefabrication, preassembly, modularization and off-site fabrication strategies can help the industry realize rapid project delivery

For pharma, resiliency starts on the plant floor

In a world mired in supply issues, focusing on machine health can provide relief

Planning your oligonucleotide facility

Two key facility considerations that will impact pharma’s business case

Filling in the radiopharma gaps

Grit and experience give a promising sector teeth

The radiopharma vision — and the next-gen companies seeing it through

Modern radiopharmaceutical companies are stacked with experienced experts who are laser-focused on correcting the missteps and misfortunes of earlier pioneers

Process design considerations you shouldn’t overlook

Four factors to keep in mind for mAb facility design and operations

Engineering Angles: Crunching the data

How pharma can build better facilities by leveraging digital information

Tips for selecting a construction partner

For pharma, picking the right partner can have an enormous impact on project outcomes

Pharma’s sustainability trifecta

Going green with a focus on planet, profit and people will enable pharma to view sustainability as an opportunity

7 material handling challenges for pharma facilities

Overcoming these obstacles can help the industry select the perfect material handling solution

Pharma: Green with envy

The industry's fast follower approach to sustainability has picked up speed