IT Management

With pharma companies adopting an increasing number of digital tools, proper IT management and security is more critical than ever. Our coverage includes the latest in validation and implementation as well as trends in the ever-evolving landscape for IT systems.



Circling back to digital initiatives in pharma

Three priorities for re-strategizing digital transformation post-COVID

Digitize to curb staffing challenges

Modern manufacturing solutions can spare pharma the worst of ongoing labor shortages

Value from data: The key to digitization success

Advanced analytics speed time to insight, increasing return on investment

Cyber experts warn of a new, sophisticated threat targeting pharma

The cyber risk to pharma manufacturers is very real and very current

Slow rush to the cloud

Strategic cloud deployment is critical to achieving business and operational result

Cyber scares

The threats are real — and criminals are preying on pharma

Exploring IoT-powered telemetry in pharma cold chains

How incorporating IoT and telematics can prevent supply chain failures

Pharma's smooth transitions

Technology advances are music to the industry's ear

Pharma finds its digital groove

An upbeat outlook mixed with better technology puts transformation back on track

Product Focus: The data fix

Innovative digital tools to enhance manufacturing performance

The crux of an effective pharma recall

Pharma can take steps now to prepare for the interconnected, digital supply chain

Product Focus: Manufacturing meets Industry 4.0

From increased connectivity throughout operations to better data analysis and automation tools, vendors have innovated solutions to transform every stage of production.

Evolving risks in continuous manufacturing

Making the switch to continuous creates new challenges for risk management and insurance coverage

Pharma's 2019 Influential Women in Manufacturing

Two standout industry leaders from this year's class of honorees

How Novartis’ data manipulation case is a cautionary tale for transparency

“Seeing something and saying something” can be applied to the life sciences when a lack of transparency could result in a company facing stiff regulatory action.