Supply Chain

The pharma supply chain consists of all the partners involved in the drug manufacturing and distribution process, starting from raw materials and ending with patients. Here you will find a broad array of information about topics such as track and trace, serialization, and auditing/managing suppliers.


Pallet-to-patient temperature monitoring is in our pocket

It’s essential to examine where the industry stands in regulating drugs and the improvement areas from the dispenser to the patient level
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Aligning on supply chain visibility

A cohesive 2D barcode strategy can drive operational improvements across the pharma ecosystem
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Elevating cold chain logistics

How the pandemic spurred a technology evolution for temperature-sensitive products
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Taking Stock: Building a better TPRM program

How a robust third-party risk management solution can alleviate drug supply chain pressures
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AI beyond drug development

How artificial intelligence can streamline pharma procurement and supply chain management
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Traceability, a familiar friend

Modern digital technologies can build in traceability from development to commercialization to optimize outcomes

How pharma can overcome inflation

Hint: It’s not by raising prices

Quantifying technology’s impact on vaccination rates

How reducing technology-addressable vaccine barriers affects coverage rates

Rethinking pharma supply chains

What it will take to build resilient and sustainable supply chains for the future

Developing a cell and gene therapy packaging strategy

Optimal packaging and labeling solutions help ensure the delivery of safe, effective viral vector products

Toward a collaborative pharma ecosystem

A new biomanufacturing era demands that suppliers and manufacturers partner to efficiently bring new therapies to market

The radiopharma vision — and the next-gen companies seeing it through

Modern radiopharmaceutical companies are stacked with experienced experts who are laser-focused on correcting the missteps and misfortunes of earlier pioneers

Optimizing supplier quality management

Adopting a risk-based model for inspections will flag suppliers who aren’t up to par

Reevaluating pharma packaging priorities

Supply chain challenges and industry trends are spurring new business strategies

Reuse, review, refine

New ways of thinking about pharma supply chain sustainability