5 Pharma changemakers

March 1, 2024
The CNBC 2024 Changemakers list highlighted fifty women as transformative leaders, including five from the pharma industry

CNBC recently released its 2024 Changemakers list, acknowledging fifty women as transformative leaders who have broken down barriers, promoted inclusivity, and facilitated collaboration. There were over 700 nominations, recognizing excellent women everywhere in business.

The measurements are based on quantitative standards such as results, influence, and experience in respective industries, and qualitative assessments such as contribution, transformational change, and the ability to be an aspiring leader. This grading also required a specific measurable contribution in 2023 completed by each of the nominees.

All of the women highlighted have accomplished great things for their organizations, and we’d like to congratulate those from the pharma industry:

Anat Ashkenazi, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Eli Lilly and Company 

Anat Ashkenazi took over as CFO at Eli Lilly in 2021 after close to two decades at the company. Recent achievements, as highlighted by CNBC, include managing increased revenue generated by the company's popular weight loss and diabetes drugs, making strategic investments in new manufacturing facilities and job creation to meet growing product demands, and outlining plans to reduce and set limits on insulin prices.

Aradhana Sarin, Executive Director & Global Chief Financial Officer, AstraZeneca

Aradhana Sarin became CFO in 2022 for AstraZeneca, leading to deals that expanded the company’s pipeline and transformed the finance function that inevitably led to an increase in employee retention and productivity. In her time with AstraZeneca, Sarin has helped with the acquisition of preclinical gene therapy programs and technologies from Pfizer in July and the launch of its health-tech division, Evinova, in November.

Kate Haviland, Chief Executive Officer, Blueprint Medicines

After six years with Blueprint Medicines, Kate Haviland rose to CEO in 2022 and since then has aided the organization in the FDA approval for Ayvakit, Blueprint’s treatment of the rare disease indolent systemic mastocytosis. Under Haviland’s leadership, the treatment for the disease vastly expanded. Blueprint Medicines also saw a 22% increase in revenue from 2022 to 2023. Haviland values a strong and diverse leadership team, the executive team being comprised of 50% women. 

Angela Hwang, Former Chief Commercial Officer & President, Global Biopharmaceuticals Business, Pfizer

Angela Hwang served 26 years at Pfizer, recently announcing her departure after the reorganization was completed following the acquisition of oncology company Seagen but remains in an advisory role to the organization. In her time with Pfizer, Hwang played a critical role in the launch of the Covid vaccine. She also helped to close a major acquisition and supported the creation of a new integrated oncology division for the organization, assisted with the rollout of one of the world’s first vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus, Abrysvo, in May, and played a part in the 618 million patients treated worldwide by Pfizer. 

Molly He, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Element Biosciences

Prior to the founding of Element Biosciences, Molly He led teams at Illumina and Pacific Biosciences where she developed protein reagents used in genome science. As co-founder of Element, He played a major role in the launch of AVITI, Element’s signature gene sequencing platform. This technology can help make genomics more accessible, delivering whole genome sequencing for just $200. 

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