Often considered a new gold standard in pharma manufacturing, continuous processing allows drugs to be produced in compact, closed units, with a higher degree of automation and fewer manual interventions. Our coverage of this evolving landscape helps illustrate the issues surrounding the push to condense production steps into a continuous process.


Tse Informa Cphi North America Conference 04

Trends to watch at CPHI North America

The pre-show buzz: investors driving ESG, continuous manufacturing and reshoring

Continuous bioprocessing technology: Adoption and future trends

Annual report finds steady growth and investment in new tools

The long drive to adoption

Continuous manufacturing may finally come into its own, according to an industry panel

Continuous versus batch: Weighing the choices

New research compares the financial risks and rewards of investing in each manufacturing path

Product Focus: Continually improving

Pharma makes strides to optimize continuous processing

Where stainless steel fits in

Adopting hybrid systems is an essential part of accommodating a more continuous future

How pharma companies are preparing for a potential recession

According to a recently released survey of about 100 mid-market life sciences CFOs, 43 percent expect a recession by 2021 or sooner.

The advantages of a ‘Quality by Design’ approach in pharma drug development

At its core, the approach looks to design quality into workflows up front.

Danke, Deutschland: Key highlights from CPhI Worldwide

CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt delivers industry insight

Evolving risks in continuous manufacturing

Making the switch to continuous creates new challenges for risk management and insurance coverage

Product Focus: Reducing risk during the mix

Vendors bring new features to mixing technology

Top Pharma Manufacturing Predictions for 2019

From new tech to innovative business models and shifting regulations, industry experts weigh in on what changes are coming down the pipeline.

A Better Batch

Today’s solid dose manufacturing reality still relies on skillful execution by operators

Product Focus: Avoiding a Mix-Up

The latest tech and tricks for purchasing the best mixing equipment.

Cutting-Edge Flexibility

CDMOs perfect the art of survival in today’s multi-product world