Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a dynamic approach to manufacturing that allows manufacturers to produce products with consistent quality, while  reducing waste and overall costs. Our coverage includes PAT tools such as infrared spectroscopy, biosensors, Raman spectroscopy, and NIR spectroscopy.



Supporting continued process verification

CPV is required for regulatory compliance but can also provide process improvements

2021 Pharma Innovation Awards

Unveiling this year's winners

Product Focus: Controlling the swarm

Small, real-time measurements make large contributions to PAT

Product Focus: The Quest for Control With PAT

Small, real-time measurements make large contributions to process analytical technology

The Role of Mechanistic Understanding in QbD

The integration of scientific rationale supports the probabilistic modeling approach that is required for effective QbD implementation

PAT for High Shear Wet Granulation Monitoring and Control

The use of analytical techniques, including new technologies, has been shown to measure properties that correlate directly with finished tablet quality

Product Focus: Process Analytical Technologies

Interviews with product experts about select hardware/software products applicable to PAT/QbD, highlighting key features of each instrument/program

Henry Ford Had It Right

Hand-made to assembly lines, now, to automated production

Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim … Still Aiming

Why so many pharmaceutical companies can’t “just do” PAT

IFPAC 2016 Conference

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow could keep me from finding the lastest technology

Bio Pharma 2015: Soaring to New Heights

Bio Pharma's ascendancy continues as the industry matures

The Forgotten Segment in PAT

What can a PAT program bring to the packaging party?

BRIEF: Advances in Process Analytical Technologies

Instrument and PAT vendors are continually innovating and have unveiled new systems or significant new features at PittCon.

Advances in Process Analytical Technologies

Instrument and PAT vendors are continually innovating, and 2015 is no different

Where Is Biopharma in the PAT Picture?

The quest for “knowing exactly what’s in the soup”