Pharma on top for employee pay satisfaction

Jan. 19, 2024
Out of 3 million Glassdoor reviews across 25 industries, the pharma industry ranked number one in wage satisfaction

The rise of the digital age has given us unprecedented access to information. Transparency, created through the anonymity of online information sharing platforms, has all but dissolved the stigma that once surrounded wage discussions.

USA Today recently analyzed over three million Glassdoor reviews from 500 major companies in 25 industries to find out which sectors have the most dissatisfied employees when it comes to compensation. From these results, the pharma industry has emerged as the “least frustrated about pay.”

Specifically, the analysis found that the average mention of pay frustration per review was 0.128. Employees in the pharma industry mentioned pay frustrations 0.075 times per review — 42% below the average. In comparison, education emerged as the most frustrated, with 0.204 mentions per review — 60% over the average — followed by health care, which was 56% over the average.

Additionally, four pharma companies made it into in top ten ranking  of companies with the fairest pay, alongside major players like Google and In-N-Out Burgers. Novartis ranked fourth with 0.037 pay frustrations mentioned per review, followed by GSK in seventh with 0.043 frustrations mentioned. Rounding out the top ten we see AstraZeneca in ninth and Genentech in tenth with 0.045 and 0.046 mentions, respectively.

Perhaps the most interesting insight from the Glassdoor analysis was that money isn’t always the determining factor for job happiness. While the education field ranked the highest in pay frustration, it also ranked the highest in terms of employee satisfaction.

But the pharma industry seems to have it all — number one is pay satisfaction and number three in job satisfaction — a glowing review that helps the industry enter the new year with confidence.

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Maggie MacHale | Digital Editor