Unit Operations

Every step of batch drug production has its own unique requirements. From granulation, drying and tableting to blending and filling, our coverage of unit operations includes insights on each critical step that creates the final drug.


2023 Pharma Industry Gift Guide

2023 Pharma industry gift guide

A unique list of pharma-themed products for the industry professional in your life
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Pharma's weight loss challenge: Nourishing an obesity market

In part 2 of our series on incretin mimetics, we cover the growth of GLP-1 analogues in obesity
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Pharma's weight loss challenge: Rewriting the script for obesity care

In the third and final part of our series on incretin mimetics, we address pharma’s efforts to overcome supply and pricing issues
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Pharma's weight loss challenge: The incretin effect

This three-part series will dig into incretin mimetics, their rise to fame in weight management and what it will take for the drug class to truly transform obesity care
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Beating the space crunch

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Rethinking pharma supply chains

What it will take to build resilient and sustainable supply chains for the future

Filling in the radiopharma gaps

Grit and experience give a promising sector teeth

Process design considerations you shouldn’t overlook

Four factors to keep in mind for mAb facility design and operations

Shortening the equipment qualification path

Advanced automation can speed the validation process, helping pharma projects come online faster

Tablet tooling: Don’t let the rust set in

How pharma manufacturers can best protect equipment from corrosion

7 material handling challenges for pharma facilities

Overcoming these obstacles can help the industry select the perfect material handling solution

Cold chain storage gets an upgrade

New technologies inside the warehouse and at the dock can help pharma facilities maintain cold chain integrity

Single-use or stainless steel processing trains — or both?

Either option comes with pros and cons but a hybrid approach may offer greater latitude

Pharma’s remote audits are here to stay

Distinctive strategies for doing remote audits successfully