Drug Delivery

Drug development requires that pharma manufacturers make a critical decision about how their product is administered to patients. From oral modes of administration such as solid dose to parenteral routes involving injections, choices in drug delivery can make a major impact on new drug approvals or reformulations for existing products.



Advancing nanomedicine

Research into nanomaterials has opened the door to new therapeutic strategies

Developing a cell and gene therapy packaging strategy

Optimal packaging and labeling solutions help ensure the delivery of safe, effective viral vector products

mRNA boom: A double-edged sword

Did short-term solutions for COVID-19 stifle long-term mRNA success?

What’s next in adoptive cell therapy

Overcoming new manufacturing challenges as the cellular immunotherapy landscape expands

Assessing the nasal drug delivery landscape

New high-throughput screening models provide clinically reproducible and translatable results

Advancing drug delivery with lipid nanoparticles

Dr. Estelle Beguin, Strategic Marketing Manager for MilliporeSigma's SAFC Synthetic Lipids portfolio discusses lipid nanoparticles and the role they will play in the success of...

Back-to-basics on tablet press efficiency

How an objective assessment of equipment’s efficiency can make a big difference

Product Focus: Advancements in drug delivery

New innovations enhance the patient experience

Reducing the pill burden

How new formulations can improve solubility and lower the pill burden of kinase inhibitors

Pharma's budding opportunity

Why the industry is forming bonds with CBD

Product Focus: The drug delivery link

Innovations in materials and components play a critical role in protecting product quality

Drug Delivery: the Human Factor

The latest devices add a personal touch to taking meds.

Trends in Excipient Demand

Pharma manufacturers are seeking out innovative excipients that address bioequivalence development and solubility challenges, while enhancing formulation

The Case for On-Dose Authentication

Using inert microtags at the drug dosage level can provide both security and business intelligence

Evolution of Inhalation Drug Delivery

Advanced technology and rising healthcare costs have driven notable changes in inhalation therapy