Data Management/Analytics

Pharma companies now know it’s not enough to simply gather data — the ultimate goal is to analyze and translate that data into actionable information. Our coverage helps show how raw data collection, storage and analysis can benefit a pharma company’s process and bottom line.


Sharpening pharma's data integrity with automation

Built-in ability to meet data integrity standards should be a central focus when selecting control systems and manufacturing execution systems for pharma manufacturing

The pharma manufacturing facility of the future

The challenges are surmountable — and worth taking on to help build advantages
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Securing pharma's fast-expanding data landscape

A layered defense-in-depth approach is the best way to handle pharmaceutical manufacturing data security
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Navigating pharma's growing data integrity challenges

Implementing a robust compliant approach rather than a ‘technology first’ mindset can help ensure data integrity

Unlocking the full potential of pharma batch reports

How integrated batch reporting can help manufacturers identify non-conformance parameters and aid process improvement

Engineering Angles: Crunching the data

How pharma can build better facilities by leveraging digital information

Optimizing the digitization of tech transfer and scale-up for Pharma 4.0

Advanced digital thread and technology transfer capabilities can help pharma improve its processes

Circling back to digital initiatives in pharma

Three priorities for re-strategizing digital transformation post-COVID

Protecting pharma’s most valuable asset

Connected manufacturing environments have vastly improved operational efficiency in recent years, enabling companies to optimize production scheduling to increase capacity and...

Supporting continued process verification

CPV is required for regulatory compliance but can also provide process improvements

Data-driven quality control for vaccine production

With the use of self-service analytics, process engineers have full control over COVID-19 vaccine production and quality

Value from data: The key to digitization success

Advanced analytics speed time to insight, increasing return on investment

2021 Pharma Innovation Awards

Unveiling this year's winners

Slow rush to the cloud

Strategic cloud deployment is critical to achieving business and operational result

Unifying labeling across the enterprise

Why harmonized label management is needed to achieve compliance, improve accuracy and drive operational efficiencies