In batch manufacturing, products are created step by step, requiring interventions to keep the process moving. Although batch manufacturing has been used for decades, innovations are continuously being added to the process to improve batch management, record keeping and more.


Batch process understanding for process validation and quality control

A first-of-its-kind study of isotopic values of paired reactants and products offers a prospective new method of process understanding

Unlocking the full potential of pharma batch reports

How integrated batch reporting can help manufacturers identify non-conformance parameters and aid process improvement

Continuous versus batch: Weighing the choices

New research compares the financial risks and rewards of investing in each manufacturing path

Taking quality assurance to new heights

More companies are implementing MES to improve quality at every step – and get products to patients faster

The crux of an effective pharma recall

Pharma can take steps now to prepare for the interconnected, digital supply chain

OEE betters the batch

New technology allows equipment data to be aggregated and analyzed, facilitating best practices across all batches.

Product Focus: Reducing risk during the mix

Vendors bring new features to mixing technology

Curing Batch Record Pain Points

How innovative EBR solutions are making it easier to scrap paper-based processes

A Better Batch

Today’s solid dose manufacturing reality still relies on skillful execution by operators

Contorting Convention

Modern aseptic performance demands new flexibility in both mindset and technology

Automating Distributed Control System Patching

How Eli Lilly’s Indianapolis facility reduced the time needed to gather information, and deliver and install plant-wide system updates

Exploring the Benefits of Real-time Particle Sizing

The optimization and scale-up of wet granulation processes is often an essential step in the commercialization of oral solid dosage (OSD) products. Granulation enables the preparation...