Containment & Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are the enclosed, classified spaces used for processing bio/pharmaceuticals in a contained space with controlled reduction of airborne particulates, including microbes. Virtually every facility producing biologics or pharmaceuticals has at least one cleanroom. Here you will find information about cleanroom design, construction, operation and regulations.


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Beating the space crunch

The pharma industry is running out of lab and manufacturing space — but there are options
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Modern pharma cleanrooms

With regulators revising policies to provide clarity around best practices for aseptic manufacturing, cleanrooms are evolving

Engineering Angles: Optimizing the facility design phase

Early planning will ensure pharma facilities meet requirements

Keepin’ it clean in pharma

Raising the importance of hygiene in accelerated vaccine manufacturing

Maintaining sterility in aseptic processing

Rapid Transfer Systems have become a popular method of transferring items in an era where containment systems are needed more than ever

Engineering Angles: DIY or CDMO?

Pharma entrepreneurs often have to choose between building their own facilities or outsourcing discoveries — but could there be a middle ground?

Integrating BSCs into cGMP environments

Electronic monitoring of biological safety cabinets supports aseptic processes and cGMP compliance

Compressed air quality

Particle analysis methods and ISO 8573 Standard updates

Product Focus: Keepin' it clean

Innovations that make life easier in the cleanroom

The next decade of cleanrooms

Pre-fab and modular cleanrooms are on the rise, but stick-built still dominate.

Safe & sterile powder transfer

How the use of aseptic split butterfly valve technology can prevent contamination

Qualifying your cleanroom

Revised GMP guidelines will strengthen emphasis on contamination control, impacting cleanroom performance qualifications

Product Focus: Advancing aseptic processing

How the pharma industry's big ideas are impacting sterile manufacturing