Energy Management

Pharma manufacturing facilities are energy-intensive. Here you will find content about monitoring, maintaining and optimizing the assets needed to power manufacturing facilities.



Pharma’s sustainability trifecta

Going green with a focus on planet, profit and people will enable pharma to view sustainability as an opportunity

Down the sustainability road

Pharma's road towards a greener future may deliver widespread growth

Engineering Angles: Is your cold storage energy use through the roof?

How a commonly overlooked component of pharma facilities is impacting your bottom line

Hands-on air handling

How air handling units can be the source of significant carbon and cost savings

Top 6 Misconceptions About Optimizing Pharma Facilities

How HVAC optimization can help facilities managers cut water and energy use while maintaining product quality and compliance.

Benchmarking Biopharma's Carbon Footprint

GSK demonstrates how to achieve sustainability and develops a carbon footprint pathway for the industry.

Saving Money at the Loading Dock

Pharma execs and facility managers are constantly exploring all possible ways to tighten their belts and bolster the company’s bottom line. A growing number are finding one path...

How to Select the Right Compressed Air System

Each application requires a different level of air quality and a different combination of air treatment to meet the needed specs

Delta DSV Steam Trap

Full Name: Delta DSV Steam TrapTeam: Delta Steam SystemsStatus: Available in the U.S. for the first timeDebut: February, 2015Field Position: Utility steam reticulation systemsSkill...

Controlling Emissions the BAT Way

The release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere is coming under intense scrutiny

Process Cooling as Part of a Sustainable Strategy

Closed-loop systems help pharmaceutical manufacturers save water and energy

Energy Efficiency Makeover Yields Utility Incentive Rewards

GSK’s energy efficiency retrofits and enhancements return $2 million to the company’s coffers