From cybersecurity and anti-counterfeiting to serialization and blockchain, our insights into IT security offer useful guidance on how to keep the drug supply chain safe.


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Securing pharma's fast-expanding data landscape

A layered defense-in-depth approach is the best way to handle pharmaceutical manufacturing data security
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AI: Cybersecurity’s powerful new tool

How pharma can leverage artificial intelligence-enhanced technology to protect from cyberthreats
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Cybersecurity: A lurking variable

Investing in cybersecurity upfront will save headaches in the future

Protecting pharma’s most valuable asset

Connected manufacturing environments have vastly improved operational efficiency in recent years, enabling companies to optimize production scheduling to increase capacity and...

Closing the supply chain visibility gap

A proactive approach can help pharma realize the promise of end-to-end visibility and control over networks

Cyber experts warn of a new, sophisticated threat targeting pharma

The cyber risk to pharma manufacturers is very real and very current

Holograms: The medicine for compliance

Integrating holograms with track and trace can help pharma security

Got (vaccine shipment) data?

How an early warning system can help secure pharma cold chains

Smart Pharma Survey results: Pharma’s digital prowess put to the test

Positives, negatives and mixed results from this year’s survey

Cyber stories to tell in the dark

Pharma is facing a scary truth about cybersecurity

Cyber scares

The threats are real — and criminals are preying on pharma

Making 'work from home' work in pharma

For many, remote work is here to stay. Here’s how the shift could improve pharma productivity and employee satisfaction

Smarter dosage security

How on-dose authentication can help protect patients and brands from the rise in counterfeit drugs

The COVID-19 vaccine: A developing tale of black and cornered markets

If the data and recipes were compromised by a foreign adversary, that could be used to corner markets on ingredients, components and tools. The result could be price gouging the...