Dealing with Digital Demons

To advance, pharma must confront its digital transformation fears head-on.

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Every industry has its demons. The pharmaceutical industry’s struggles — its aversion to risk, fear of regulatory backlash, the siloed nature of its organizational structure — are well documented.But today’s developing environment — coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution and characterized by rapidly evolving and disruptive advances in technology — has created a new and intimidating landscape. According to the World Economic Forum, this current revolution is “reshaping industries, blurring geographical boundaries, challenging existing regulatory frameworks, and even redefining what it means to be human.”¹ In this new world, tools such as automation,…

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  • Pharma Manufacturers Tackle Caribbean Energy Challenges

    By Steven Horowitz, Director of Business Development, Optimum Energy

    In an environment like the Caribbean – where it’s hot and humid year-round, critical facilities can’t do without air conditioning, and electricity can be unreliable even without disastrous hurricanes – optimizing building cooling systems is more than a major money-saver. It’s essential to…

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  • QbD and Drug Packaging and Delivery: A Guide to Creating Safer Components

    By Fran DeGrazio, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Technical Services, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

    The pharmaceutical industry continues to prioritize a focus on the patient, from both an experience and safety standpoint. This shift is sending waves across the industry, from trial design, regulatory guidelines and drug delivery, as well as impacting the types of drugs that are coming to market,…

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  • Pharma’s Latest Headache: Including Drug Prices in TV Ads

    By Sheldon Bradshaw, partner, King & Spalding

    Drug companies, which have learned to live with advertisements calling out a litany of possible side effects for their drugs, may want to take a couple of aspirin. That’s because the Department of Health and Human Services recently announced a new proposed rule by the Centers for Medicare and…

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  • The Future of Capsule Supply Chain Analytics

    By Brian Garrett, Supply Chain Manager, Americas, Lonza Pharma & Biotech

    Many pharmaceutical companies face challenges in matching upstream supply chain capacity with downstream capsule demand. For example, if downstream is growing as sales increase while upstream is constrained because of shrinking or otherwise allocated production capacity, the company will have…

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  • Proactive Roof Asset Management

    By Richard Rast, President, BLUEFIN

    Is your pharma facility protected from weather and unintended abuse threatening its roof? When a roof is neglected, human-caused and environmental elements can lead to premature commercial roof failure. You take care of your laboratory and manufacturing equipment. The same logic applies to…

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  • Thrills and Pills: Another Top 5 Scary Pharma Flicks

    By Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor

    It’s that time of year when watching a movie means snuggling up to a blood-curdling tale that will make you want to hide under the covers. And filmmakers love to tap into the collective fear of Big Pharma, bad medicines, and drug experiments gone horribly awry. A few years ago, we listed five…

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