Puerto Rico Pharma: Battered but Unbroken

One year after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's pharma industry is standing its ground.

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Ask someone what it was like in Puerto Rico the night Hurricane Maria barreled into the island, and often, the answers take on a surprisingly calm tone. Sure, it was loud. The winds roared at over 155 miles per hour. And there was the sideways rain — something many had never seen. But although some stayed awake all night and watched as Maria showed no mercy, many managed to sleep. For most on the island, the real drama began the morning after. “It’s as if you went to sleep in the 21st century and woke up in the 19th century,” Marco Monrouzeau, CFO and general manager of Neolpharma, says as we sit in his office in Caguas. All throughout Puerto Rico, it looked as…

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