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2019 Pharma Innovation Awards

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Ironically, the phrase used to praise an innovative new product — “the greatest thing since sliced bread” — has become so unoriginal that it’s cliché.In the 1920s, however, the convenience of commercialized pre-sliced bread was what the American food consumer wanted — and after the first machine appeared in 1928, equipment manufacturers and bakery industry experts got to task, improving and adding to the existing designs.This forward leap in the baking industry could not have happened without rethinking what equipment can do, and the persistent efforts of those looking to incrementally improve on this innovation.Here at Pharma Manufacturing, we understand…

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  • Making the case for Indian generic drug manufacturing

    By Radha Iyer, vice president and Head of Quality and Scientific Affairs, Global Developed Markets, Dr. Reddy’s

    American consumers are often surprised to learn about the drugs prescribed to them. For instance, many people are taken aback to learn that more than 90 percent of the medicines prescribed by doctors in the U.S. are generics.Even more surprising is the fact that more than a third of these drugs…

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  • Considering going direct from manufacturers to providers?

    By Robert Mauch, Executive Vice President and Group President, AmerisourceBergen Corporation

    What if the entire pharmaceutical supply chain went directly from manufacturers to providers? Prepare for healthcare costs to increase $33-53 billion per year.According to a new report from The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), this is the annual value pharmaceutical distributors create in…

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  • Data analytics moves beyond Dilbert

    By Lisa J. Graham, Ph.D., P.E, Vice President, Analytics Engineering, Seeq Corporation

    Until recently, data analytics has been in a realm of manufacturing only occupied by the mysterious engineers who graced the colorful squares of Dilbert comics. A world where management is clueless, timelines are open-ended, the engineering department is an impenetrable black box and IT resists all…

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  • Making antibody medicines manufacturing a reality

    By Tetsushi Namatame, Yukihiro Nakamura, Fumiaki Izaki, Akinari Hirano and Paul Cizdziel

    Antibody medicines are the most typical biologic drug and mainly consist of protein produced by genetically modified animal cells. The process of manufacturing antibody medicines is extremely complex and costly because the cell culturing process requires prolonged incubation times, along with a…

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  • The surge in cancer drug approvals — By the numbers

    By Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor

    A new report shows that the number of FDA approvals for cancer drugs has shot up in the last few decades. What’s behind the rise?According to the new report from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, improvements in R&D and FDA processes have helped get more cancer treatments…

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  • BIO 2019: It starts with one

    This past June, Philadelphia hosted the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s 2019 BIO International Convention. The event, which touts itself the “world’s largest meeting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries,” delivered on its promise, hosting more than 17,000 attendees…

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