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Bio's Bad Apples

Can unproven therapies spoil the sector’s sweet success?

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Few will dispute the enormous potential of cellular therapy — and for patients suffering from vision loss, leukemia or lymphoma who have had life-changing experiences with these new treatments, cell-based therapies are nothing short of a miracle.Although they lack a globally harmonized classification system, cell therapies fall under the broad umbrella of regenerative medicine. There are several types of cells that can be used for cell therapy and the type of cells administered depends on the treatment. Collectively, these therapies are heralded for their ability to promote the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue. What this ultimately means is that…

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  • Using Multiparty Networks to Conquer Industry Challenges

    By Geoffrey Annesley, EVP of Healthcare industries, One Network Enterprises

    Pharmaceutical companies provide vital products to protect and enrich our lives, but manufacturing and supply chain issues can lead to unnecessary escalation of costs, quality issues and product shortages. If the lapse is serious enough, it can also lead to the distribution of expired, substandard,…

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  • Risk Management for Regenerative Medicine Distribution

    By Mark Sawicki, Chief Commercial Officer, Cryoport

    Regenerative medicine will soon be the standard of care for replacing tissue/organ systems in the human body, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Report, “2020: A New Vision—A Future for Regenerative Medicine.” The impact of this shift will be huge. For…

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  • Digital Transformation: Are You Stuck in the Pilot Stage?

    By Pharma Manufacturing staff

    From predictive analytics, to robotic process automation, to AI-based applications, pharma manufacturing is at the cusp of a digital revolution. Yet, a recent collaboration between the World Economic Forum and McKinsey found that more than 70 percent of industrial companies are still either at the…

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  • An Injection a Day

    By Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director

    The phrase “an apple a day” has been referred to as everything from a proverb to a superstition to a Prohibition-era marketing slogan (if people can’t drink apple whiskey, encourage them to eat apples). While multiple theories about its origin exist, the prevailing one says the phrase dates…

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  • Product Focus: Clever Cleanroom Supplies

    By Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor

    There are few parts of the manufacturing facility as complicated to manage as the cleanroom. The requirements to meet cleanroom standards are stringent and every aspect of the space — from airflow and what workers are wearing to which direction the doors swing — has to be carefully…

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  • Disrupting the Status Quo of Legacy Systems

    By Tim Gellner, Senior Consultant, MAVERICK Technologies

    To keep pace with the ever-changing world of regulatory compliance, pharmaceutical manufacturers are faced with modernizing their legacy control systems to optimize performance. Emerging technological advancements, such as data collection and analysis tools, are helping facilities make more…

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