Industry Perspectives

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Advancing drug containment & inspection in pharma

Stevanato Group's Alessandro Morandotti, Daniel Martinez and Federico Scattolin discuss the latest advancements in containment and inspection technologies

Meeting today’s container closure integrity requirements

Derek Duncan, product line director at Lighthouse Instruments, speaks about how a science-based holistic approach can help ensure CCI compliance

Avoiding DSCSA bottlenecks

John Wirthlin, industry principal for Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics at Zebra Technologies, speaks about how replacing current barcode-based tools with new technologies...

A new way of looking at syringe inspection

Veronica Ghidotti, product manager, Visual Inspection Systems at Stevanato Group, speaks about the challenges of inspecting prefilled syringes on the production line

Overcoming drug formulation challenges

Daniel Price, director and head of Excipients Solid Application at MilliporeSigma, discusses how functional excipients can help reduce risk across the development process

Formulating ophthalmic drugs the right way

Smita Rajput, field marketing manager at MilliporeSigma shares insights on how to overcome the unique challenges of ophthalmic drug formulation

What digitalization means for the pharma industry

May 2, 2022
Veronica Ghidotti, product manager, Visual Inspection for Stevanato Group, discusses how to harness Pharma 4.0 for a new era of pharma manufacturing

Faster drug approvals are within reach

April 5, 2022
Nathan Pettus, president of Emerson’s systems and software business, discusses trends and technologies enabling the industry to become more flexible, modular and agile.

A groundbreaking approach to BET testing

Dec. 21, 2021
Hayden Skalski, Life Science Product Applications Specialist for Suez, discusses a new automated and sustainable platform

A better way to measure critical attributes in bioreactors

Nov. 12, 2021
Daniel Merriman, Strategic Marketing Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the benefits of gas analysis for mass spectrometer applications

Elevating pharma inspection with deep learning

March 15, 2021
Raffaele Pace, Engineering VP of Operations at Stevanato Group discusses how applying AI to visual inspection can yield quality and economic benefits

Real-time microbial monitoring in pharma waters

March 12, 2021
Jim Cannon, Head of OEM and Markets at Mettler Toledo Thornton explains how real-time monitoring of water systems is revolutionizing process control

Much-needed advances in biopharma chromatography

March 11, 2021
Nandu Deorkar, Vice President, R&D at Avantor explains how new technology is helping manufacturers remove bottlenecks and improve downstream processing yields