Automation & Control

As the use of automated tools grows in pharma, we are continually updating our coverage of full automation systems, manufacturing execution systems, sensors, robotics, process controllers, machine vision and calibration equipment.


Photography Stock Application Pharma Manufacturing Packing 1540x800

3 tech solutions pharma needs in order to comply with changing regulations

Safely moving drug products requires new ways of thinking and working — with technology.

Quantifying technology’s impact on vaccination rates

How reducing technology-addressable vaccine barriers affects coverage rates

Unlocking the full potential of pharma batch reports

How integrated batch reporting can help manufacturers identify non-conformance parameters and aid process improvement

Shortening the equipment qualification path

Advanced automation can speed the validation process, helping pharma projects come online faster

Circling back to digital initiatives in pharma

Three priorities for re-strategizing digital transformation post-COVID

Digitize to curb staffing challenges

Modern manufacturing solutions can spare pharma the worst of ongoing labor shortages

Juggling the regulatory complexities of global clinical trials

Deploying an automated process can help simplify safety and compliance information

Biopharma 4.0: Industrializing biology

The rapid increase in automated solutions is radically reforming the way scientists discover and develop new therapies

INTERPHEX in the time of COVID

Trade shows are back — but are they still worth it?

2021 Pharma Innovation Awards

Unveiling this year's winners

Slow rush to the cloud

Strategic cloud deployment is critical to achieving business and operational result

Smart Pharma Survey results: Pharma’s digital prowess put to the test

Positives, negatives and mixed results from this year’s survey

How a university-industry collab led to an innovative syringe-filling system

South Carolina-based Nephron Pharmaceuticals recently went looking for a way to automate syringe-filling for small batch manufacturing and turned to the brainpower nearby

Automating precision medicine

How connected infrastructure will assist in the advancement of cell and gene therapy at scale

Leveraging accounts payable automation

Pharma companies that modernize their accounts payable and procure-to-pay processes will continue to reap benefits