From using software to streamline drug development to automating batch records, IT solutions that impact product or process development are playing an increasingly important role in pharma manufacturing.


Time for Pharma 4.0

TSN-driven technologies can support advanced data governance
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Empowering the pharma workforce

How exploring the synergy between AI and human expertise can help build a well-trained workforce
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AI beyond drug development

How artificial intelligence can streamline pharma procurement and supply chain management
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Alleviating bottlenecks in the product life cycle

How the adoption of AI and data-driven techniques can increase efficiencies in pharma manufacturing

How pharma can overcome inflation

Hint: It’s not by raising prices

Digitize to curb staffing challenges

Modern manufacturing solutions can spare pharma the worst of ongoing labor shortages

[Infographic] Assessing the value of real-time microbial monitoring

Recent survey reveals the true cost of monitoring microbial health of pharma water systems

Building the Pharma 4.0 foundation

To reap the benefits of Industry 4.0, pharma must deploy a comprehensive asset management strategy

Making 'work from home' work in pharma

For many, remote work is here to stay. Here’s how the shift could improve pharma productivity and employee satisfaction

Fighting COVID-19 with AI

Pharma companies are using technology to reinvent the drug discovery process

Global Dose: Focus on Russia

After building its domestic infrastructure, Russia's pharma industry looks to go global

Using data to create a quality-first approach to Industry 4.0

How data can help keep quality at the core of your processes

Pharma needs a smarter cold chain

How IIoT can help the industry avoid temperature excursions

Recharging pharma's digital revolution

Is the luster of digital transformation fading?

Product Focus: Optimizing your ebb and flow

New approaches to fluid control enhance pharma manufacturing