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BioPharma Manufacturing in the EMEA Region

Market study reveals Europe, Middle East and Africa biopharmaceutical manufacturers are busiest making recombinant proteins, vaccines

From 100 liter facility in Kenya, to 90,000 liter facilities in Ireland and Denmark, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing in the European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region may be more robust than one might think. To lend transparency and illuminate the regions’ activity in this sector, analysts at EVOLUTION Global Talent Attraction assessed 265 facilities across the 35 different countries that make up the EMEA region.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are overwhelmingly located in Europe, with only 17 sites in the Middle East and 9 in Africa. Germany is the country with the highest number of sites, with a total of 55 facilities, but their overall production scale is less than that of the combined total of the 18 sites in Ireland and the UK.

The study reveals that European Union companies are producing biopharmaceuticals and biologics at commercial scale with some operating at tremendous capacity. With a combined production scale of some 2.3 million liters, EMEA producers have developed a dynamic presence in the market, something that is also driving demand for highly qualified, experienced and effective professionals to fill critical development and manufacturing roles.






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