Large Molecule

From gene therapies to infectious disease vaccines, biologics are an exciting area of pharmaceuticals. This section offers content related to protein-based drugs manufactured using living cells.


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Shedding stigmas

Modern-day medications might finally mean obesity can be viewed as treatable
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Optimizing mRNA therapeutics

Novel techniques for mRNA delivery, capping and more will be key to producing more effective vaccines

Surrendering to the pharma magic

The science of ADCs makes for an incredible show
How Mass Spectrometer Works

Mass spectrometry: Optimizing biopharma manufacturing

Speed and precision make MS the first choice for the real-time monitoring of fermentation and cell culture off-gas
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Spring pharma happenings: PDA’s Annual Meeting 2023

Through discussions that focused on innovative operational approaches as well as powerful patient-hosted sessions, the show sought to remind manufacturers to keep a patient-focused...
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The great reappearing act: ADCs' triumphant return

In our three-part series, we cover the trajectory of cancer-fighting ADCs in the pharma industry, including the modality’s history, obstacles and success stories
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The great reappearing act: ADCs light up the stage

In the third and final part of our series on antibody-drug conjugates, we discuss the recent market buzz and the rise of new conjugated modalities.
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The great reappearing act: ADCs' new bag of tricks

In Act 2 of our series on antibody-drug conjugates, we cover improved linker and payload technology
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Beyond empty and full

The field is in need of more detailed product understanding to increase product safety without sacrificing efficacy
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The next chapter in cell and gene therapy

ATW 2023 celebrated a record-breaking year of approvals, with an eye on new realities

mRNA boom: A double-edged sword

Did short-term solutions for COVID-19 stifle long-term mRNA success?

A lot on its plate

Lacking an established workforce, the nascent cell and gene therapy industry must grow its own talent

Now touring: Cell and gene therapy

Germfree Labs’ city-by-city educational series addresses challenges and solutions in CGT manufacturing

What’s next in adoptive cell therapy

Overcoming new manufacturing challenges as the cellular immunotherapy landscape expands

Biopharma 4.0: Industrializing biology

The rapid increase in automated solutions is radically reforming the way scientists discover and develop new therapies