Emerson Introduces High Temperature pH Sensors.

New Rosemount Analytical pH sensors are designed for increased life in elevated temperature and harsh corrosive applications. The PERpH-X series 3300HT and 3400HT  pH sensors can perform in temperature up to 145°C (293°F).

The 3300HT and 3400HT pH sensors are design with the following features:

  • AccuGlass pH glass formulations to resist cracking.
  • Double junction reference that can be refilled for extreme applications that may deplete reference electrolyte a common problem in elevated temperature.
  • Replaceable teflon reference junction to control electrolyte flow in greasy applications.
  • Chemically resistant Ryton body contained in a titanium sensor tube for resistance to high temperature and pressures.
  • Finds use in not only at high temperatures, but also in harsh, dirty and abrasive applications.