Hurricane season is approaching, time for pharma manufacturers to buckle down 

Different disruptions call for different protocols and methods, and now is the time to prepare

Building the next generation of future-ready pharma labs

To achieve lab transformation, leaders must confront challenges in data, technology, people and processes

Mitigating bioaerosol risks in pharma plants

Amid limited guidance from regulators, facility designers can deliver significant safety advantages by tackling risks at the source
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Navigating pharma’s leap into the predictive plant era

Real-time predictive analysis is the key to digital plant maturity

2024 pharma predictions: Regulations, sustainability and culture

In part 2 of our series, leaders weigh in on what the pharma industry can expect in the coming year

How vulnerable is your pharma facility to natural disaster?

Assessing facility risk should be an essential part of your supply chain management process

How universal design can deliver facilities of the future

To adapt to the dynamic marketplace and to meet shifting manufacturing needs, new facilities need to provide a high degree of flexibility

Confronting pharma's hidden issue: equipment recapitalization

A new benchmarking report reveals powerful opportunities for engineers to streamline manufacturing by rethinking equipment replacement strategies

Effective OEM orchestration is music to pharma’s ears

Adopting a holistic plan early in facility design can help harmonize equipment
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The smart factory future is now

For pharma, digitalization on the plant floor has become a hard-fought reality
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Technology trends in pharma facility design and engineering

How new technology is helping pharma companies to reduce costs, fully optimize resources and streamline operations
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Meeting new sustainability targets

Sustainability in pharma is complex, but there are opportunities for drugmakers and building developers to meet green goals
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Machine condition monitoring in pharma

Strengthening production through asset management
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Meeting biopharma’s infrastructure demands

Biopharma facilities must address the specific needs and concerns of this dynamic sector
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Pharma facility commissioning in a virtual world

Digital twins can reduce commissioning time by 40%