Confronting pharma's hidden issue: equipment recapitalization

A new benchmarking report reveals powerful opportunities for engineers to streamline manufacturing by rethinking equipment replacement strategies

Effective OEM orchestration is music to pharma’s ears

Adopting a holistic plan early in facility design can help harmonize equipment
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The smart factory future is now

For pharma, digitalization on the plant floor has become a hard-fought reality
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Technology trends in pharma facility design and engineering

How new technology is helping pharma companies to reduce costs, fully optimize resources and streamline operations
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Meeting new sustainability targets

Sustainability in pharma is complex, but there are opportunities for drugmakers and building developers to meet green goals
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Machine condition monitoring in pharma

Strengthening production through asset management
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Meeting biopharma’s infrastructure demands

Biopharma facilities must address the specific needs and concerns of this dynamic sector
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Pharma facility commissioning in a virtual world

Digital twins can reduce commissioning time by 40%
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Engineering angles: Embracing BIM in pharma plant design

It’s time for the industry to overcome hesitations and utilize 3D technology
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Beating the space crunch

The pharma industry is running out of lab and manufacturing space — but there are options
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A practical approach to DX in ATMPs

How advanced therapy manufacturers can apply DX across facilities
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Five tips for reducing downtime at your plant

How can pharma manufacturers strike the right balance between planned and unplanned downtime?
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Powering progress in cell therapy

Getting transformative treatments to market will require rethinking processes and facilities
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The price of delaying predictive maintenance in pharma

When it comes to maintenance programs, how can the risk-averse industry overcome its outdated cautiousness?
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The capital you need may be under your feet

Sale leasebacks can be a strategic tool for the pharma industry