Ultrasonic Scientific, Innovative Spectroscopy Vendor, Is Up For Sale

Just read in the latest issue of Instrumenta's monthly analytical insrument industry report (www.instrumenta.com) that Ultrasonic Scientific has been put up for sale.  The four-year-old, Dublin based company had commercialized technology pioneered by former Max Planck Institute scientist Vitaly Buckin,  and  had been doing some innovative work in ultrasonic spectroscopy, which has advantages over traditional optical methods in analyzing opaque liquids. Process Analysis and Automation Ltd. (Farnborough, U.K.) offers ultrasonic spectroscopic technologies. Apparently the company, which had recently set up a marketing office in the U.S., was unable to establish an effective marketing, sales and distribution network.  This is a problem that several of the most creative analytical instrumentation companies appear to suffer from.  Note to any companies that might meet this description: Your brilliant technology will mean nothing if nobody hears about it.  For an update that appeared in the local Irish financial press, please click here.