Rudy and Ranbaxy: Giuliani Joins the Fray

An unusual team? Perhaps, but Rudy Giuliani and Ranbaxy will join forces to make their case to FDA and Congress that the company does not have the Quality issues that have caused the Agency to halt imports of the company's drugs. See below.

And worth a read are the opinions of bloggers Ed Silverman of Pharmalot and Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline on the Ranbaxy saga.

Gurgaon, India, September 18, 2008 -- Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., today announced that they have retained the services of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani Partners to provide advice and review compliance issues related to the recent United States Food and Drug Administration letters and Import Advisory.
In announcing the addition of Mayor Giuliani, Ranbaxy reiterated its commitment to work cooperatively with the FDA to address the Import Advisory and put into place measures which will allow its products identified on the Advisory to be released into the US marketplace.
As the FDA stated, all drugs manufactured by Ranbaxy have repeatedly tested safe and effective with no adverse incidents reported.  Ranbaxy is committed to a swift resolution to address these issues and to continuing to supply the global marketplace with safe and effective pharmaceuticals. 
Ranbaxy is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of generic drugs, with production facilities in the United States and India.