Peter Rost, Novelist, Gets First Fiction Contract

2007 is shaping up to be a banner year for the unsinkable Peter Rost, who has just found a publisher for his thriller, "The Wolfpack," in Europe.  (Just remember where some of you heard about it first last November).  Check out his site for more details, but here is what appeared in New York magazine online today. Pfizer Whistleblower Sells Another Book

Pfizer executive turned whistleblower Peter Rost is back doing what he does best: skewering his erstwhile industry. Rost was notoriously banished from Big Pharma after exposing tax fraud at Wyeth and illegal marketing at Pfizer; his tell-all The Whistleblower came out last year. His new project, a novel called The Wolfpack, was sold last week to Pagina AB in Europe. (It's now being shopped to several publishers in New York.) "I wrote the story because I wanted to reveal the thinking inside a corporation, using the thriller format," Rost says of his "Grisham-style" crime drama. The story follows a fictional drug company that develops a biological weapon and murders its enemies. Although Rost insists none of the characters are based on former colleagues, the new book is about "just how far corporate executives may be willing to go and what happens when one guy stands up to them." Fiction, huh? ”Jake Whitney