Patti Smith on Evil Pharma

The famed rocker is appearing at the Jack Daniels birthday bash in Lynchburg. A reporter from a U.K. publication asked Smith whether she'd had any qualms appearing in a venue sponsored by the liquor industry. Apparently, the invitation posed fewer crises of conscience than a pharma industry request to use a song she'd composed for an ad. When the liquor industry is seen as more honorable than the drug industry, which actually makes some products that save a few million lives, it begs the question: when will pharma's public image change, who will change it and how? Here's what Smith had to say: "...I am very sensitive about alcohol issues. I've had friends who have died because of alcoholism and speak about it a lot, but I am not anti-alcohol. People just have to be educated that too much alcohol is bad. But alcohol itself is not a bad thing." "If it was a pharmaceutical company [sponsoring this event], I wouldn't be here because pharmaceutical companies are evil. I turned down the most money I have been offered in my whole life because a pharmaceutical company wanted to use one of my songs>"I asked my children because I co-wrote the song with their father and they said, 'don't do it'. But I'm not a purist. I just try to adapt in certain situations..." Whatever you think of Ms. Smith's music, her opinions represent those of millions of people. Any ideas on how to turn this situation around?  Can it be turned around during out lifetimes? AMS