New Pharma Search Tool Zeroes in on Top Pharma Web Sites

We recently surveyed readers to learn more about how they use the web.  We learned that Web 2.0 content, particularly blogs and podcasts, are not at the top of most of your wish lists right now.  (A whopping 2% considered blogs to be "very important" as a form of online content -:>) But we also learned about some of your favorite web sites and why you like them. And we've used this information to pilot a mini pharma search engine, drawing from all your favorite sites, about 50 in all, so far, in the hope that this will help cut through the frustrating Google search time and enhance a sense of community for those in drug development and manufacturing.    You'll find the new tool here  We've included our own sites, but also such popular ones as FDA's, FDA News, Biocompare, Pubmed, PLOSplus, Thomasnet, well as top Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing sites including  At this point, Pharmalot is the only blog we've included, since it is so news-focused, but we'll be adding more sites and blogs soon. Please take a look at this tool and let us know what you think.  First and foremost: does it work? Are there any sites that you would like to see included?  Oh, and, by the way, Web 2.0 tools like this are called "swickis"  community-created search engines (Just learned this fact yesterday).  They are the brainchild of Oh, brave new world that hath so many strange and ugly words in it.  -AMS