New Personalized Medicine Tool: ToxPedia Would Take a Data-Driven Approch to Predict Drug Safety

This computational solution would integrate toxicogenomic data with traditional toxicological end points, and its use could help predict drug safety, the company says. Below, the press release issued today. Genedata has released Genedata ToxPedia„¢, a computational solution supporting systems toxicology for drug safety prediction. ToxPedia is an expansion of the Expressionist platform built by Genedata in collaboration with pharmaceutical organizations.          Systems toxicology promises to reduce costly failures in the late stages of drug development and is attracting interest from pharmaceutical companies as well as drug safety regulators. To gain the greatest benefit from systems toxicology, scientists need to integrate toxicogenomic data with conventional toxicological end points. This integration enables a systematic search for clinically relevant molecular biomarkers that can be used to predict a compounds toxicity profile, before expensive clinical trials are initiated. ToxPedia supports a data driven approach to systems toxicology. The system enables biomarker identification based on an integrated analysis of toxicogenomic data, namely of high throughput transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data, with conventional toxicological end points. The ToxPedia system is built on the well established Genedata Expressionist® platform and has been expanded by Genedatas professional services team in close collaboration with scientists from leading pharmaceutical organizations. The system is designed to address the specific requirements of systems toxicology. Tight integration with all major high throughput technology platforms, coupled with sophisticated data quality assessment tools, enables ToxPedia to achieve the highest standards in data quality evaluation. Ultimately, the goal is that ToxPedia supports the standardization and automation of the entire systems toxicology workflow from the initial sample gathering stage through to final study reporting phases, and addresses compliancy aims such as 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Genedata also collaborates actively with research consortia focused on biomarker discovery, including the consortia InnoMed, NewGeneris, and INCA. In collaboration with leading scientists in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in academia, we have developed a state-of-the-art computational system for the emerging field of systems toxicology, explained Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO, Genedata AG. With ToxPedia, we continue to bring significant value and cost savings to pharmaceutical R&D.