Janssen Pharma Takes You Inside the Mind of a Schizophrenic, With MINDSTORM Simulator

ABC News aired an unusual spot last night, about a new virtual reality tool developed by Janssen Pharma in New Jersey, designed to educate physicians and law enforcement personnel on how it feels to be schizophrenic.  It puts the viewer directly in a kitchen where the news report is directed personally against them, the newspaper headline is against them, voices call the viewer "stupid," the recently delivered pizza is poison (and even smells poison)The goal is to better inform and improve response.  For more on this,  click here.  To watch a video (including a short demo clip) click here. But the ending is a bit sinister.  "Miss your dose of medication?" a helpful woman asks.  Of course, drugs do help those afflicted with this horrible disorder, but the film does have a Big Brother feel to it.  What do you think? -AMS