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VELTIS Half Life Extension Platform


PM1407 Novozymes InnovateCard

Full Name: VELTIS Half Life Extension Platform


Status: Ready for market-approved drugs

Debut: GlaxoSmithKline's FDA-approved type 2 diabetes drug, April 2014

Field Position: Tanzeum, Eperzan

Skill Set: Veltis albiglutide technology helps diabetes therapies achieve an extended half-life; patients are only required to inject their medication once a week.

Performance Stats:
• Helps medicines achieve optimum therapeutic effect
• Based on engineered albumins that enable manufacturers to define and optimize the therapeutic window of their drug candidate

Regulatory Profile: Achieved approval in FDA, EMA-approved therapies

Coach’s Notes: "This is yet another important market approval for a drug based on Novozymes' Veltis technology", says Dermot Pearson, marketing director, Novozymes Biopharma. “The versatile capabilities of our solution are being continually demonstrated by our customers. Not only has Novozymes developed a platform that helps medicines achieve optimum therapeutic effect, but that also improves the day-to-day management of conditions by extending drug half-life and, therefore, reducing the frequency at which patients need to inject."

Scout’s Notes: Veltis’ half-life extension platform is based on engineered albumins that enable manufacturers to define and optimize the therapeutic window of their drug candidate to help control dose frequency, dose quantity and improve drug tolerability. The platform also offers the ability to provide once-weekly, once two-weekly or once-monthly peptide or protein dosing, and, as a result, offers the potential for enhanced patient compliance and improved therapeutic impact.

Team Resources: Novozymes Biopharma develops and manufactures high-quality, safe, biological based ingredients and technologies to provide pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers the knowledge-based solutions needed to address the challenges in developing innovative, safer, and more consistent final products. By combining their unique knowledge around recombinant albumin, half-life extension and hyaluronic acid with the specific application knowledge of their customers, Novozymes is committed to working with companies to deliver improved performance and safety for next-generation of medical device and pharmaceutical products.






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