All Star Innovators

Thomas Edison equated genius as “one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Perhaps this is the formula for innovation as well, something that there seems to be no shortage of in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry of late. There’s a distinct movement by many of the industries’ suppliers to introduce (some say overdue) innovative technologies that deliver practical, needed efficiencies into the drug manufacturing continuum. If one is looking closely, especially those operational and manufacturing managers looking for cost and performance gains, it soon becomes apparent that technology suppliers have applied healthy doses of both inspiration and perspiration in pursuit of technologies that Good Manufacturing Practice-based operations and Quality by Design processes are demanding.

The innovation keeps pouring in. The running list of winners is below.

All-Star Lineup


All-Star Innovators 2017
Pharma’s All-Star tech lineup shatters records with plenty of hits


All-Star Innovators 2016
Pharma’s all-star technology leaders are swinging for the fences