Cashco PL1 In-line Pressure Regulator

Cashco Inc. has introduced a new Model PL1 in-line pressure regulator.

The PL1 is similar to Cashco's existing Model 5381 regulator, which is a stainless steel pressure reducing regulator designed for sanitary biotechnical process piping systems. However, the PL1 is built for greater flow capacities and is capable of withstanding inlet pressures up to 400 psig and outlet pressures up to 135 psig.

The PL1 incorporates a self-draining body design and trims that comply with ASME BPE 2012 SF-4. Insertion of a pin and lanyard provide the means necessary for Steam-In-Place and Clean-In-Place processes. The PL1 also comes with the option of either a 316L stainless steel plug or USP Class VI PTFE soft seal. Unlike most in-line pressure reducing regulators, though, the PL1 does not have a lower spring underneath the piston/plug, thereby providing a cleaner product.

cas PL1 BIO 0112
Process Control
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Process control
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