Viscosity Measurement and Precision Temperature Control... with Just a Touch!

The new Brookfield DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer provides customers with integrated temperature control right from the screen.  The new DV3T was engineered to allow the user to control the temperature of Brookfield TC Series Baths or the Brookfield Thermosel System without a PC. 

Brookfield recently launched the new DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer delivering a totally new user experience. This major redesign enhances ease of use and includes many new features. The 7” touch screen conveniently displays all test parameters along with measured values for yield stress, viscosity and temperature.  

TC Series Water Baths were also recently given a sleek new design that includes the addition of touch screen technology, one-touch control with adjustable pre-set temperatures as well as multiple language capability. The Brookfield Thermosel System is a high temperature system that allows manufacturers to precisely control samples up to 300°C.

Brookfield’s new RheocalcT software gives the operator the ability to control and automate testing with the DV3T Rheometer, TC Series Bath and Thermosel System from a dedicated PC. RheocalcT also collects data automatically, provides comparative analysis of results - both tabular and graphical, and permits application of math models.
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