FirstGuard 1064 Handheld Raman Analyzer

The FirstGuard 1064’s ability to operate at 1064nm wavelength has set a new industry standard for being able to identify a significantly broader range of raw materials and provide very rapid validation, while also maintaining key customer requirements such as ease-of-use, portability, affordability and reliability.  While competing 785nm wavelength excitation products can only identify approximately 70 percent of encountered raw materials in pharmaceuticals and consumer goods manufacturing due to chronic fluorescence, the FirstGuard 1064 can reliably identify those same materials and also many of the materials that 785nm excitation cannot.  The 1064nm technology also enables analysis through many dark glasses and plastics – something difficult to impossible with 785nm analyzers.  Equipped with point-and-shoot technology, an integrated barcode reader, vial holder and hot swappable lithium ion battery, FirstGuard is ideal for GMP facilities and is configured with secure software for 21 CRF part 11 compliance.