Granite Isolator: Low Cost Anti-Vibration Platform for Microscopy and Precision Weighing Scales

Granite Isolator announces a simple, low cost anti-vibration platform that does not require an air supply and easily slips under a microscope, precision weighing scale or other sensitive instrument.

The vibration control platform consist of only three parts: granite top plate for mass and stability, unique silicone gel isolators for ultra-soft support and damping and a plastic base. Standard sizes are: 13x15x1.25 inch, 16x21x1.5 inch, 18x26x1.75 inch and 22x32x1.75 inch.

Granite Isolator platforms offer new vibration damping solutions for vibration sensitive industrial, laboratory, cleanroom, and inspection areas. Typical examples include: microscopes, precision weighing scales, lasers, elctro-optic systems, micropositioners, precision measuring instruments such as microhardness and laser dimensional measurement instruments, Silicon wafer inspection stations, etc.

Granite Isolator customers include universities, major research centers, OEM and end-user semiconductor manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, medical and microbiology companies, and anyone in need of isolating a work surface from vibration.

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