Festo VTOC Valve Manifold Has Highest Density/Smallest Footprint in the World

Festo announced today the development of the high density/small footprint VTOC pilot gas valve manifold. This is the highest density manifold – with up to 48 valves – for its footprint in the world because the manifold features two 3/2-way valves on each valve position and valve widths of only .393 inches (10 mm).

The VTOC manifold is ideally suited for pilot valve gas box applications in the semiconductor industry as well as pilot valve manifolds in the processing industry. The VTOC may also be applied where exceptionally small pneumatic actuators are utilized such as in pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing. Valve airflow is 10
normal liters (NI)/minute.
OEMs will find a host of standard configurations from which to choose. The Festo online configurator helps to ensure fast and accurate ordering. The VTOC offers a number of port patterns to facilitate a variety of mounting options, including bottom ports for bulkhead mounting.
Other VTOC options include: configurable manifold rails (pneumatic and electric connections), multi-pin plug connection with sub-D plug or flat ribbon cable, valve with non-detenting manual override, and choices of pneumatic outlets – QS push-in connectors, straight, or angled. Also optional are individual contacts for each coil – separate commons – and diodes to ensure the current is in only one direction. This can be used to increase safety in user circuits.

"The value of the VTOC is in its high density and small footprint along with the high number of standard variations available," said Frank Latino, product manager, valve terminals and electronics, Festo. "The VTOC was designed for the OEM looking to lower the cost of design, ordering, and installation, while having the greatest flexibility in valve manifold capabilities."
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