Greiner Bio-One Offers CELLMASTER Roller Bottles

Greiner Bio- One North America, Inc. would like to offer a unique and extensive CELLMASTER Roller Bottle product portfolio, designed to fulfill different requirements for the production of virus vaccines or recombinant proteins used for therapeutic approaches.

CELLMASTER roller bottles are made from high grade polystyrene (PS) or
polyethylene terephtalate (PET) and feature a two-phase blow-molding procedure, which rules out the risk of liquid leaking from a faulty seam.

Greiner Bio-One CELLMASTER Roller Bottles with a smooth or ribbed surface
range in size from 850 cm² to 4720 cm² growth area (respective 270 or 500 mm
height) and are available either with standard or filter screw caps. The filter
membrane is a hydrophobic capillary pore membrane with a defined pore size of 0.2 μm to guarantee optimal protection against contamination while providing a high gaseous exchange rate which enables a mass cultivation of cells using bicarbonate buffer and CO2.

Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc., located in Monroe, North Carolina, provides product manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to Clinical Laboratories performing IVD testing, research laboratories at Universities, startup companies, and to the world’s largest Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology corporations. Greiner Bio-One’s products consist of blood collection systems, microwell plates, cell culture dishes, plates and flasks, and other general labware products specifically related to the medical research field.
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