Shimadzu’s New TOC-L Series Provides High-Precision Analysis of Organic Compounds in Water Samples

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the TOC-L Series of analyzers for total organic carbon testing in aqueous samples. With a wide sample range from 4 μg/L to 30,000 mg/L, the TOC-L is suitable for analyzing ultra-pure to highly contaminated samples of wastewater, brine water, seawater, drinking water and pharmaceutical water.

Consisting of four models, including PC-controlled and standalone versions, the TOC-L uses Shimadzu’s 680° C combustion catalytic oxidation method to efficiently analyze all organic compounds. It features automatic sample acidification and sparging, as well as an automatic dilution function that reduces sample salinity, acidity and alkalinity. This significantly extends the use of catalysts and combustion tubes.

The TOC-L Series features variable syringe sizes when the sample volume is limited. High-precision mass flow controllers ensure uninterrupted carrier gas for accurate analysis. A zero-maintenance Peltier cooler used for maximum water vapor removal ensures accurate analysis. In addition, an on-board air purifier may eliminate the need for high-purity air during testing.

The optional salt kits permit 12 times more salt to be analyzed before maintenance is required. The ASI-L autosampler can use three different vial sizes for various applications, while the smaller OCT-L autosampler can use any vial size for up to 8 or 16 samples.
TOC-L models can accept particulates up to 500 microns or 800 microns with the optional particulate kit. For larger particles, solids, soils and sludge, the SSM-5000 is the ideal solution. The TNM-L can be added for simultaneous TOC and Total Nitrogen analyses without increasing the size of the footprint.

Additional hardware features include a new color LCD monitor and USB communications for computer, printer and data storage. These eco-friendly systems use 36-percent less energy than previous models, and the TOC-L’s footprint has been reduced by 20 percent to save valuable lab space.

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