West: Introduces the Next Generation Ready Pack System

West, the global leader in innovative system and component solutions for injectable drug administration, today announced the next generation Ready Pack system, which includes sterile and ready-to-use Daikyo Crystal Zenith resin 2mL or 5mL vials, NovaPure quality standard stoppers and Flip-Off seals.
The new system was developed to meet the need for clean, low extractable, inert storage of sensitive biologic products during the research and development process.  
“The West Ready Pack system will help pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers mitigate risk by providing an inert container closure system that is processed with minimal variability to assure consistency as the drug scales up from development to clinical trials to commercialization,” said Carol Mooney, Associate Director, Marketing.  
The new system features Crystal Zenith cyclic olefin polymer vials that enable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers to offer high-quality, transparent, break-resistant vials that do not flake and help reduce particulate contamination from the container.  The vials are suitable for high or low pH drugs, reduce or minimize peptide and protein adsorption, can endure cold temperature storage and shipment, and have lower particulate matter when compared to glass.
“Crystal Zenith vials can help negate rejection issue from glass breakage and increase the overall quality and integrity of our customers’ container closure system,” said Bernie Lahendro, Vice President and GM, Daikyo Crystal Zenith Products.  
West also can supply a copolymer seal appropriate for low temperature applications.
Said Lahendro, “When the Flip-Off seal is combined with Crystal Zenith vials and NovaPure stoppers, customers have a system that works incredibly well for any drug product.”  
The Ready Pack system is designed for small quantity filling and is available in a variety of quantities and sizes.  The components are compatible with one another and are proven to assure container closure integrity.
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