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Novasep Process, recently introduced the firm’s Biopharmaceutical Sequential Chromatography (BioSC) product at the 2007 BioProcess International Conference.

The BioSC sequential multi-column chromatography product aims to improve throughput and stationary phase productivity for downstream processes up to four-times without compromising product quality or yield. According to the company, BioSC is the first product to break the “downstream processing bottleneck” by enabling biopharmaceutical firms to significantly improve the productivity (grams protein/liter, resin/day) of their current chromatography processes while increasing process flow rates and decreasing water usage when compared to conventional batch column chromatography.

BioSC attempts to simplify existing processes by reducing the number and size of current process steps by more efficiently using the working capacity of the stationary phase and full automation of the continuous process. BioSC can accommodate the higher titers produced by modern upstream cell cultures while delivering continuous processes that maximize production efficiency and minimize product delays.

About Novasep’s BioSC Technology

BioSC enables the Biopharmaceutical industry to increase productivity and improve manufacturing efficiency. By better using the capacity of expensive stationary phase resin during purification steps, biopharmaceutical firms can now produce more grams of Biopharmaceutical per litre of resin and reduce significantly water consumption (buffers, wash & CIP).  This has significant impact on both facility size, cost of goods and ultimately on our environment by reducing waste. BioSC leverages a sequential multi-column chromatography process that provides flexible scheduling of multi-columns and high quality separations in critical multi-component feed streams. BioSC manages the “fluid in” and “fluid out” process while asynchronously and flexibly scheduling multiple columns to different tasks, the resins spend more time working and less time waiting. Each column is capable of working in different phases (loading, washing, eluting), and the more rapid wash and elute cycles are no longer influenced by the slower loading phase. As a result, flow into and out of the system does not have to be balanced. This enables the system to execute purification in a much more coordinated, faster and streamlined manner with higher loading capabilities and much less water consumption. 

About Novasep Process

Novasep Process is a leader in developing, scaling-up and the implementation of continuous downstream processing solutions for the Pharma, Biopharma and Industrial Biotech applications. RSVP, request a copy of the presentation, or schedule a meeting at Booth #516-518 at the Conference.

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