Particle Measuring Systems

The use of aseptic manufacturing technology has led to a requirement for increased control over clean devices to ensure sterility. Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is used both to sterilize environments between batches and to ensure that cross contamination does not occur. The measurement of VHP in these environments is required for proof of two functions; a high concentration level to ensure sterilization and a lower limit that identifies a purged environment.

Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) is a technique that overcomes monitoring hurdles faced by other technologies, including sensitivity limitations, loss of accuracy at extreme concentrations, and drift. Particle Measuring Systems' new AirSentry-IMS provides a single analyzer technique for the broad tasks of monitoring and ensuring sterilization and purged concentrations, as well as worker safety levels. The analyzer can be configured to monitor only low levels of VHP (0-1000 ppb) or can be used in a dual-range mode, offering accuracy and precision at both high and low concentrations of VHP (0-20 ppm and 0-2000 ppm). Optional on-board calibration allows for fast and accurate calibration verifications.

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Particle Measuring Systems