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Invitrogen Corp. (Carlsbad, Calif.), a provider of essential life science technologies for disease research and drug discovery, and Wave Biotech, LLC (Somerset, N.J.), a research-based company that develops and manufactures innovative process equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries,announced they entered into a partnership to supply media-filled disposable bioreactors. Under the agreement, Invitrogen Corp. will offer its GIBCO brand cell culture media products to Wave Bioreactor users in filled Cellbag brand disposable bioreactor bags.

Invitrogen will offer both standard and custom media products in the standard O-series Cellbag format.Disposable bioreactors and Cellbags are easily customized to suit specific cell culture process needs for research, development or cGMP manufacturing operations. Media-filled Wave
O-series Cellbags are available for ordering through Invitrogen’s e-commerce and custom product channels.

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Invitrogen Corp. provides products and services that support pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide in their efforts to improve the human condition. For more information, visit www.invitrogen.com.

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