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FKI Logistex has introduced its new GS100 family of low-price, entry-level case palletizers. The GS100 series provides a cost-effective, fully-automated palletizer for those organizations looking to convert from manual palletizing, as well as larger, multi-line operations where high-speed palletizing is not cost-justified.

Capable of speeds up to 30 cases per minute, and priced from $52,000 for the GS120 model, the GS100 series is ideal for a wide array of applications. It offers the same heavy-duty construction, flexibility and reliability that are the trademarks of FKI Logistex’s mid- and high-speed palletizers.

For a complete range of pallet-handling options, the GS100 series includes three models: The GS120 (manual pallet handling), GS130 (semi-automated pallet handling), and the GS140 (fully-automated pallet handling). All three models feature all-metric designs, pattern utility and layer-editing functions, and premium drive components for reduced maintenance requirements.

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