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The Bosch Pharmaceutical Division of Bosch Packaging Technology has introduced two new machines, the FXS 2020 low-speed (shown below) and FXS 5100 high-speed (above), which allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to incorporate pre-sterilized “nests” of syringes into their automated filling applications.

Pre-sterilized syringes (such as BD Hypak SCF) ship directly from the manufacturer nested in a plastic container overlayed with a Tyvek seal. The containers enable clean and convenient processing because the syringes never have to be taken out of the nest during filling, which eliminates the need for excess unload/reload machinery. The nests are designed for convenient handling, stacking and storage. And because the syringes are pre-sterilized, they are also pre-certified for particle-rated clean environments. Bosch nested syringe filling equipment can also be integrated directly with Bosch barrier and isolation systems for a compact, cost-effective and easily validated filling solution.

Bosch Packaging's FXS 2020 automatic syringe filling systemThe FXS 2020 low-speed (at right) and the FXS 5100 high-speed nested syringe fillers and closers deliver accurate filling-needle precision and adaptability to different formats and products. Rotary-piston pumps deliver highly accurate filling volumes and fast filling times of up to 4,800 syringes per hour with the FXS 2020 and 30,000 per hour with the FXS 5100. Both models are equipped to handle glass and plastic syringes for a variety of application demands. The FXS 2020 and FXS 5100 feature compact footprints that offer significant space savings over traditional in-line filling systems.

Also included in the line are a Bosch automatic bag opener, Advance-BEAM electron beam tub sterilizer and Automatic Tub Opening System (ATO). Bosch is also the only company to offer a particle inspection system included with its line of filling equipment. The CVT Slitec particle inspection system delivers accurate particle inspection of the product and offers optional cosmetic inspection of syringes. CVT series machines range in output between 200 to 600 containers per minute, depending on the application.


  • Pre-sterilized syringes save time and money and expedite process validation

  • Utilizes convenient, easy-to-handle transport containers

  • Two full-function fillers offer lower equipment investment and eliminate excess unload/reload machinery in a significantly smaller footprint

  • Integration Advantage allows seamless integration with barrier and isolation systems

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