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At PittCon this week, Polychromix, Inc. launched its Phazir product, which the company says is the first handheld Near Infrared Digital Transform Spectrometer (DTS) analyzer. In addition, the Phazir is the first data analyzing all-in-one unit to allow anyone to perform chemical analysis in the field at a surprisingly low cost, according to Polychromix.

The Phazir combines a Digital Transform Spectrometer engine, its MobiLight lightsource, reflectance probe, rechargeable batteries, integrated computer and LCD display and software into one unit that can be used remotely, such as in field applications. The Phazir is the latest version of Polychromix line of spectroscopy products which deliver a compact and versatile chemical analysis system at an unprecedented low cost. The DTS product family, first introduced to market a year ago, is powered by Polychromix's proven, state-of-the-art telecommunication MEMS technology.

Polychromix spectrometers are currently used in a broad variety of applications from laboratories to industrial process controls, including material identification, quantitative analysis, purity analysis, quality control and material inspection. Polychromix's DTS technology uses an innovative MEMS spatial light modulator in a portable form factor, featuring a single InGaAs detector and no moving parts. In addition, devices feature low power consumption, utilizing a standard USB connection for both communications and power interfaces.

The DTS devices are currently targeted at general purpose spectroscopy applications. In addition, numerous customer engagements are in progress to implement industry- specific process control applications ranging from flue gas monitoring to trans-fat content in food analysis.

The Phazir comes fully integrated with software that can be configured to specific applications. As a fully programmable solution, both the Phazir and DTS product family can be configured to operate in various scanning modes. This flexibility enables the user to configure the device optimally to a broad set of new applications. Polychromix also offers services to allow for specific chemometric model development for individual applications.

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