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Polychromix, Inc., a leading developer of innovative material analysis, chemical sensing and spectroscopy solutions, recently launched its MobiLight line, a family of long-life, portable lightsource and probe devices that support a broad range of spectroscopy applications.

The release of the MobiLight family of lightsources comes only a few months after Polychromix released the revolutionary, low-cost Near Infrared Digital Transform Spectrometer (DTS) product family. The DTS line is powered by Polychromix's state-of-the-art MEMS technology. The MobiLight Lightsources can be combined with any DTS Spectrometer or with other NIR/VIS spectrometers to provide a complete, portable measurement solution for lab or field applications.

The MobiLight product family includes three individual products.

1. The standard MobiLight Lightsource, which incorporates a slot to accommodate filters up to 3 mm thick.

2. The MobiLight+, which supports the same standard filter set but also incorporates a 2mm-10mm cuvette holder for transmission or absorption measurements.

3. The MobiLight PRObe, which is a compact and powerful reflectance probe for surface measurements.

All Polychromix MobiLight Lightsources and probes are powered by using either a computer/laptop USB port or a standard AC outlet at 110-220V, allowing for both laboratory and remote field applications. Additionally, all MobiLight Lightsources include a three-position switch to regulate the light output intensity level for application flexibility.

Available for purchase immediately at www.polychromix.com or from Polychromix distributors, prices range from $445 to $995 depending on configuration.

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