Sanofi nixes experimental heart drug deal with MyoKardia

Jan 02, 2019

Sanofi is walking away from a deal it struck with MyoKardia in 2014 to develop several medications. 

As of this April, MyoKardia will regain full rights to develop several drugs funded by the partnership, including an experimental precision heart drug, mavacamten. Along with another drug, MYK-491, mavacamten is in later stage human trials, and was developed to target a genetic defect that can trigger irregular heartbeats, the thickening of heart tissue and potentially fatal strokes. Data from the latest mavacamten trial are expected next year. 

Sanofi did not provide a detailed explanation about its decision to end the collaboration but said: “During the period leading up to the end of the research term, it was important for MyoKardia to maintain 100 percent of the U.S. commercial rights for mavacamten in HCM as well as additional rights in expanded indications.”

On a conference call, MyoKardia’s CEO called the partnership “successful” and said that MyoKardia isn’t looking or a cash grab deal, but is planning to build a company “for the long haul.” 

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